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Infocon Holdings (S) Pte Ltd (“Infocon”) was formed on 1st of May 2000 with 3 main operating business units in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand together with our ESI (EasyIO System Integrator) and EasyIO distributors worldwide.

We are the Worldwide Master Distributor of Niagara’s powered EasyIO J's, manufacturer of EasyIO controllers, Special Projects Executioner and developer of Niagara Drivers.

Infocon with the goal of inventing a fully open and interoperable framework for control automation systems. Open Internet based Systems (using the LONWORKS and BACNET industry standards) for Commercial, Hospitality, and Industrial & Educational Buildings. Infocon’s products are applied to HAVC (Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning) applications, building IT Systems, energy management and industrial process control systems.


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