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New levels of flexibility from the leading provider of open, Internet-enabled, automation infrastructure solutions. EasyIO is a suite of Niagara-based products designed to integrate diverse smart devices into a unified, Internet-enabled, web-based system. EasyIO solutions integrate LonWorks™, BACnet™, oBIX, Internet and web services protocols in a software platform that can be used in embedded controllers or server applications. EasyIO includes integrated network management tools to support the design, configuration, installation, and maintenance of interoperable networks.

The EasyIO-AX Supervisor® is a flexible network server used in applications where multiple NiagaraAX-based JACE controllers will be networked together (SoftJACE®, EasyIO-J2,EasyIO-J6). The EasyIO-AX Supervisor serves real time graphical information displays to standard web-browser clients and also provides server-level functions such as: centralized data logging, archiving, alarming, real time graphical displays, master scheduling, system-wide database management, and integration with enterprise software applications. In addition, the EasyIO-AX Supervisor provides a comprehensive, graphical engineering toolset for application development. oBIX is now included with the AX Supervisor as a means of integrating Niagara-based Release 2 JACEs. With release 2.3.522 or greater, the oBIX driver can be added to expose all data points, schedules, trends and alarms to an EasyIO-AX Supervisor. This oBIX driver is both a client and a server.


  • Java-enabled user interface (UI) as well as a non-Java UI for browsers.
  • Supports an unlimited number of users over the Internet / Intranet with a standard web browser, depending on the host PC resources.
  • Optional enterprise-level data archival using SQL, Oracle or DB2 database, and HTTP/HTML/XML text formats.
  • “Audit Trail” of database changes, database storage and backup, global time functions, calendar, central scheduling, control, and energy management routines.
  • Sophisticated alarm processing and routing, including e-mail and paging.
  • Provides access to alarms, logs, graphics, schedules, and configuration data with a standard web browser.
  • Password protection and security using standard Java authentication and encryption techniques with optional security supported via an external LDAP connection.
  • HTML-based help system that includes comprehensive on-line system documentation.
  • Supports multiple EasyIO-J2 and EasyIO-J6 stations connected to a local Ethernet network, or the Internet.
  • Provides online/offline use of the Niagara FrameworkWorkPlace AX® graphical configuration tool and a comprehensive Java Object Library.
  • Optional direct Ethernet based driver support for BACnet I/P, OPC (Client), Modbus TCP, and SNMP; additional point blocks for each driver may be purchased in blocks of 500 for each protocol.
  • A “Small Building System” version is available for support of a system with up to three JACEs.

Platform Requirements

  • Processor: Intel Pentium® IV, 2 GHz or higher
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Windows 2003 Server (if Microsoft IIS is disabled), Vista Ultimate, Mozilla Firefox™ or Internet Explorer™ 5.0 or later
  • Memory: 1 GB minimum, 2GB or more recommended for large systems
  • Hard Drive: 1 GB minimum, 5 GB for applications that need more archiving capacity
  • Display: Video card and monitor capable of displaying 1024 x 768 pixel resolution or greater
  • Network Support: Ethernet adapter (10/100Mb with RJ-45 connector)
  • Modem: 56 KB minimum, full time high speed ISP connection recommended for remote
    site access (i.e. T1, ADSL, cable modem)

Ordering Information

Part Number
S-AX Bas ic AX Supervi sor; al l JACEs must have EC-SP for connectivi ty to the AX Supervi sor
Smal l Bui lding Sys tem vers ion of the AX Supervi sor wi th a three JACE l imit; al l JACEs mus t have EC-SP for connectivi ty to the SBS AX Supervi sor
S-AX-SBS-EXUP Upgrade from the S-AX-SBS to a full AX Supervi sor
Optional Database Drivers for External Database appl ications (not avai lable for SBS vers ion of AX Supervi sor):
S-DB-SQL Microsoft SQL Database Driver
S-DB-DB2 IBM DB2 Database Driver
S-DB-ORCL Oracle Database Driver
S-AX-SBS-EXUP Upgrade from the S-AX-SBS to a full AX Supervi sor
WP-AX Addi tional copy of Workplace AX
DR-S-BAC-AX Adds BACnet IP Cl ient driver support to AX Supervisor; includes 500 points
DR-S-BAC-500 Adds 500 BACnet IP points to AX Supervis or wi th above driver option
DR-S-MTCP-AX Adds Modbus TCP driver support to AX Supervisor; includes 500 points
DR-S-MTCP-500 Adds 500 Modbus TCP points to AX Supervisor wi th above driver option
DR-S-SNMP-AX Adds SNMP driver support to AX Supervisor; includes 500 points
DR-S-SNMP-500 Adds 500 SNMP points to AX Supervi sor with above driver option
DR-S-OPC-AX Adds OPC Cl ient driver support to AX Supervisor; includes 500 points
DR-S-OPC-500 Adds 500 OPC points to AX Supervi sor with above driver option
DR-S-OBIX-AX oBIX cl ient for non-Niagara point data. Includes 500 points
DR-S-OBIX-500 Adds 500 oBIX points to AX Supervisor

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